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Season #6 - Shit Just got Louder

It is hard to believe we are at season 6. Six you guys, it's been almost 3 years and whew has it been something else.

In these last two and a half years we went from a podbean to a full pod giant, I went for Karyn with no face, to seeing myself on the cover of magazines. We went from who's going to watch and listen to, booked and busy. When I tell you grateful. Trust me it's and understatement.

So what's the plan. CHHHHIIIIILLLLLEEE all I have been doing is digging deep and making a plan. This last quarter is moving on and moving up. Navigating these waters like a G. We are under new management, I am learning to let go, and most importantly I am listening to my soul as it need to be replenished so I can be best for all of you. I took the summer off to really reflect on my business and my goals and Im proud the I can be in a space to execute.

Our new season will be ME, my authentic self, more guest, lots of good life, good laughs and good love. I have cut back on some Sayith Loud services to really focus on my own talent and projects. We will be planning Sayith Loud Events in the new year and will continue to speak at live events. The goal now is more voice, more fuckery, more opportunities for Karyn Elle. This is the first time I am not adding more, but exceeding at what we have and growing that into something special.

Join me in this new season, new space and new energy. with gratitude ASE.

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