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It's A New Season, Be Ready!Season #2

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

After an amazing Season one, So much love, gratitude and success we have officially launched Season 2. So much has happened since I launch my little pod bean and new love Sayith Loud. Let me fill you in, we are marketing like beast, I have done a number of interviews, we have launched an entire merch line that includes, hoodies, hats, bathing suits and more. We have upgraded from the days of me recording in my car on my phone, to full mics, computers and mixers. With your donations and generosity we raised $610.34 toward our new Sayith Loud Hub. A IMAC 21 inch 3.0GHz-6 Core Processor with turbo boost, 256GB Storage to hold all my audio, graphic design, video and photos. I was even able to spring for the 4k Retina display. I am grateful and excited. If that's not enough, in the last few months Sayith Loud has charted in the US, the UK, Canada, France and Denmark. Needless to say I am over joyed and at times still in shock, and that is me giving you the simple version. There has been interviews, sponsors, awards and more.

So, What's in store for season 2? Well, more fuckery, more feel good feels. More Karyn Elle saying it loud. In season two we will be launching our Sayith Loud Subscription, time to monetize guys. I can't ask for donations forever. Subscribers will get up to 2 additional hours of content a month.Behind the scenes outtakes, bloopers, discounts on merchandise, VIP Sayith Squad access to call in to recordings and more. Season two will also be about me growing as a business owner, podcaster, creator, director and producer. So we will be launching two YouTube channels. Sayith Productions, which will be for writing projects, mini series and film. This will be a place and platform to work with other talents and give other artist a place to thrive and be celebrated. Our second Channel will be all things Karyn Elle. Just my life, my brand, my business, and well my fuckery. I always told my kids I needed my own show. So I'm making it. Here I'll review products, rants, do skits, and use my voice. So much planned, so much to say, and yup. I'm saying it loud.

Some of our guest for season two will include, Erica Jean from Love and Hiphop New York, We are talking the power of the Yoni, women empowerment, and aligning our chakras. I love this project by the way. I got to spend some time and space with Forbes list Trap Yoga Bae, we talk about yoga, Trap music, sophistaratchet, and her ratchet affirmations. I have the app and get them daily. I also get to kick it with the legendary Pete Rock. We talk music, his new projects, clothing line and what he's listening to now. You won't wanna miss this this season. We are starting with a bang. I have also added a Girl Talk Sesh, where we drink, we laugh, we love, and we sprinkle life with some fuckery.

Join me on this journey......

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