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What doesn't she do! 

Karyn Elle is our very own Renaissance Woman. A Visionary, A creator, A founder. A real-life Olivia Pope, She gets SHIT done, The Humor of Lucy, and if you know her, She's as real as it gets. 

With a passion for media and the art of SAYING just about anything, Karyn is a force to be reckoned with.

This Mama of three is a all-around mompreneur that brings all of her talents to the table, Child Actress, Media Account Executive, Special Educator, Small Business Owner and Life Lover. 

Karyn holds an Associates Degree in Media Communications, A Bachelor's of Arts in Liberal Studies with a Concentration in Media Communication and a Masters Of Science in Adolescent Special Education.

If that's not enough Karyn has worked at the following media outlets, Sirius XM Radio, Both of her College Radio Stations and CBS Radio just to name a few. Karyn is also the winner of a College film festival after picking up a camera on a whim and creating her first piece of magic with no training. 

Her passion for media, writing, film, and photography has awarded her opportunities to shoot for a number of people and participate in a number of projects, most recently to co-host Respect The Greys with Diginext Films. Karyn has been featured in Style and Soul Magazine, GRINDA Magazine and VOYAGEATL. Karyn has also lent her voice to a number for Radio Shows, Podcast and Live speaking engagements. Oh it's LOUD!

"When time and passion meet, the results are amazing"

Karyn is now ready to share her passion for life and love, with all of you. Launching  SAYITH LOUD LLC a boutique media company and SAYITH LOUD PODCAST January 2020. In 2021 Karyn took things a step further launching her own boutique lingerie Sayith Sexy and a small stationary and craft company Sayith Atelier Co. 

Karyn is also making her talents available for, Event Hosting & Emceeing, Speaking Engagements/Moderating Panels, Panel Discussions, Club Hosting,  Radio/Podcast Interviews, Brand Management, Artist Management,  Public Relations, Acting, Writing, Direction,Voiceover, Writing Projects, Brand Ambassador, Event Planning and management and of course Photography and Film. 


She's got so much to say, and is saying it LOUD!

For inquiries Please contact Karyn at the "Sayith To Me" tab. Or Email 

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As Seen In
* Style And Soul Magazine
*Voyage ATL Magazine
*GRINDA Magazine

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